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Hekman Contract has an interest and commitment to sustain our natural resources and promote a clean environment. Hekman Contract accomplishes this goal through our “Elements Initiative”. Our Elements Initiative focuses on identifying both large and small opportunities to preserve and sustain our natural resources of Land, Air, and Water.


Sustainable Integrated Design
Hekman Contract intentionally designs its products with the environment in mind. Through smart design our product development teams intentionally engineer our products with the least amount of materials. We accomplish this without compromising a product’s structural integrity or sacrificing its aesthetic details while always maintaining our high standards for quality and workmanship.

Sustainable Forestry
Hekman Contract integrates Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) wood materials into all case goods. Solid lumber is verified to be harvested legally and new seedlings are planted at more than twice the rate as trees are harvested and die combined. Using SFI wood products and planting seedlings is important for  protecting our environment and natural resource but we don’t stop there. Hekman Contract carefully scrutinizes material usage to ensure the maximum possible yield which reduces waste; it’s a win – win for both efficiency and the environment. Unique to the industry, our  capability to manufacture in a facility that produces a wide-variety of products for various markets allows us the opportunity to maximize  our material yield where others could not.
Recycled and Recycling
Hekman Contract uses recycled materials in our products.
• Packaging contains recycled paper material.
• Springs, strappings, and mechanisms are made from recycled content.
• Fabrics are produced from natural fibers and recycled materials.
• Cushions and padding consist of soy based contents.
In addition to using recycled material, we also focus our efforts on recycling. Hekman Contract recycles paper and paper packaging materials, glass and mirrors, as well as all metal materials. We also recycle wood waste and sawdust by using it to as fuel heat our entire facility. We also provide sawdust to local farmers to use as farm animal bedding. Our goal is to ensure that the maximum amount of materials which comprise our end-products are recyclable at the end of their long life.


In today’s furniture manufacturing environment, staking claim to meeting California Air Resource Board (CARB) Phase 2 requirements for formaldehyde emissions is basic for entry into the game. Our products meet CARB Phase 2. Close monitoring and tracking of Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions from finishing operations is also a basic requirement of the Department of Environmental Quality. Through our commitment, we have reduced our VOC emissions by more than half over the past ten years. Hekman Contract goes beyond the basics.
• Our plywood products are finished using water based UV materials that contain no VOC’s.
• During use of finishing materials that may contain low-levels of HAP’s, we closely scrutinize operator techniques and spray patterns to minimize the amount of material expended.
• Back and seat cushions, foam padding, seat decks and trim pads are chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) free.
• To reduce automobile and truck emissions, we not only use local suppliers but we also carry excess inventory to limit the number
of shipments.
• By carefully managing and scheduling our production, we strive, whenever possible, to limit our operations to a single shift. This allows us the opportunity to reduce electrical, water, HVAC,
and other resources.
• We optimize use of compressed air systems in our manufacturing to reduce electrical needs.
• We partner with the local electrical company to use energy efficient and motion sensing lighting.
• Our upholstery hardware supplier-partner is a founding
member of the Sustainable Furniture Council.


Water Quality
Hekman Contract products meet the requirements of the California Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Acts as intended to control contaminants that leak into ground water. In a similar manner, our products also meet the requirements of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act controlling lead and lead coatings.
Hekman Contract and our corporate neighbors work together to maintain significant green space and natural water ponds.

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